Shannon – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

ShannonI grew up in a Christian home and my family was very involved in our church, but I never really fit in very well at school. I got made fun of a lot and never really had friends. Once I got to high school, the abuse got to be too much, and I started cutting to deal with the pain. I was put on medication for depression and was hospitalized several times for cutting and suicidal thoughts. My parents did all they could, but nothing seemed to help. After high school, I started partying and going to raves. I became very promiscuous and struggled with drugs and alcohol. I heard about Mercy from my mother, and I applied because I felt powerless to change my life on my own.

While at Mercy, God has shown me that even when I mess up, He loves me just the same. God has completely taken away my anxiety, and I am completely free of any medication. I have learned to rely on the strength of God and have hope for the first time in years.

After graduation, I plan to attend the Discipleship Training School through Youth With a Mission, so that I can help other teens dealing with life-controlling issues.