Starting the Conversation

Mercy Multiplied - OvercomeWhen you start to see signs and symptoms in someone, it can take a while to find the willingness to confront them. Confronting someone about an issue that you’ve noticed is not easy. First and foremost, it is important to recognize that if your main goal is to help somebody break the behaviors of whatever they’re dealing with, you probably won’t get very far. Instead, the goal that God wants them to get to is finding healing and freedom in their heart.

We can get stuck in the whole idea of the bondage and what behaviors need to be overcome. All of that is true, you can’t ignore those things, but the reality is each person is a child of God first before he or she is someone struggling with an issue. If we are able to approach them with who God says they are first and foremost, it’s from that place of strength that they begin to overcome. It’s not just being mindful of behaviors, but also being mindful of identity and that our job really is to help that person come into a full understanding of who God says they are. He does not label them as somebody with an eating disorder and he does not label them as anorexic.

When you are able to move in a relationship to a place of truth, then you position them to move forward understanding their freedom and healing comes out of who God says thatthey are and what Jesus did for them on the cross.

-Mercy Multiplied Outreach Team