Beth – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

Mercy Graduate BethDear Nancy,

I never would have dreamt three years ago as I was sitting in Mercy, having only been there for a month, that three years later I would be doing what I am today. Just two days ago I walked across the stage and received my Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel.This is something I had always dreamed of but never thought would truly happen. My family was here with me to watch this momentous occasion occur. But even more special than that, my best friend and Mercy sister, Brittany was here to share this day with me. This is a friendship that would have never happened if you, Nancy, hadn’t listened to God’s calling nearly 30 years ago. This degree wouldn’t be happening if you hadn’t listened. I recently accepted a full-time position working at another university where I will begin my second master’s degree in counseling with hopes of helping young women so they don’t have to walk down the same path I had to. God has really opened some amazing doors for me since my time at Mercy and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you for opening the doors and allowing me to find freedom in God and find a new life that is worth living.