A Letter from Mercy Grad Lisa

Hey Nancy lisa,

Ya know this life I’m living today wouldn’t be possible without you and Mercy. Attached is a recent family picture that we had taken on Timmy’s 2nd birthday, along with our dog Dexter! (Lisa fell in love with the Mercy shelties when she was in the program, and chose to make that their choice for a family dog for their son!) I am so thankful for all the help I received while in the program.I’m so blessed with such a great husband and handsome little boy who I love and adore. Plus, I’m a part of a great church with such awesome Pastors! God used Mercy to turn my life around and He has used the church that I attend to bring more growth in my walk with the Lord. Praise God for faithful people such as yourself and my Pastors. I am so blessed! I could have never imagined that life could be this good before going to Mercy. What an awesome God we serve!

Hope you enjoy the picture…
Love you,