Cara – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

CaraAt the age of four I remember looking in the mirror and thinking my legs and stomach looked fat, and by the time I was eleven I stopped eating. I loved sports and would exercise constantly. My parents took me to a doctor who diagnosed me with anorexia. I believe I developed anorexia because it was my way to be noticed and cared for. My family was very loving, but I felt I needed to get extra attention. I entered a different treatment program with the hope that I would be free. The counselors there told me I would never be free of anorexia and would deal with it for the rest of my life. I only got worse and learned how to hide my anorexia better. My life was horrible and I wanted to die because I was so miserable! Finally, a mentor told me about Mercy. I knew that God was the only one who could heal me, so I applied in the hopes that I would finally be free.

Since coming to Mercy, God has rocked my world! I’ve learned He does love me and He was with me through every struggle. I learned that He made me and I am beautiful. I am not a mistake! I know now that I do not need to control my eating and exercise with a strict regimen. God has given me hunger and fullness, and exercise is no longer compulsive, it’s fun! I know my identity is in Christ. I am free!

After graduation, I’m going back to high school for my junior year. I’m going to spend time with my family and start rebuilding relationships. I really can’t wait to play sports again too! Thank you to all the staff! You guys love us so much and believe in us. And thank you to all the benefactors. Without you, I don’t know if I’d be alive and Nancy, you are my hero! Thanks for giving your life to God’s will!