Kody – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

KodyMy father was an alcoholic and my mother was addicted to prescription drugs and very suicidal. My life growing up was chaotic and painful. There were constant screams, tears, and pain. Hiding in dark closets was a part of life with my father. When I was 12, my dad left and my mom’s drug abuse got worse. I became the mother to her and my younger sister. I believed I was worthless, selfish, a huge failure, lazy and ugly. I received Jesus into my heart, but I thought He was just going to leave me too one day. I trusted no one. I heard about Mercy through a friend and thought, “I’ll just apply and see what happens.”

While at Mercy, I remember the day the truth that God really loves me pierced my heart. I was overcome and amazed! He really loves me! I know I don’t have to worry about Him leaving me because He is trustworthy. I am free and for the first time in my life I lookforward to the life God has for me.

After graduation, I plan on working so I can earn money for college. I will go to school this coming spring of 2011. I am not sure what God wants me to study but I know this: He has a plan!