Sarah – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

SarahGrowing up, I had unrealistic expectations for myself and as a result I developed an eating disorder and began to self-harm. I also shopped excessively, became obsessed with men, and was very reckless in my behavior. I felt hopeless and went to a secular treatment center for help. Nothing seemed to work so I eventually left. My mom made contact with the mother of another girl in that program and found out she had applied to Mercy. When I looked into it and read the testimonies of some of the girls, it gave me a ray of hope, so I decided to apply as well. I wanted to be free!

During my time at Mercy I learned that I have a future. I learned how important community and accountability are. I no longer strive for perfection, but desire to do my best with whatGod has given me and enjoy it. I learned how important community and accountability are and that I have a beautiful family. I’m so excited about life!

After graduation, I plan to live in accordance with the Word of God and to fulfill His plans for me with a right heart