Overcoming Behavioral Modification

changed + transformedIt is so clear throughout Scripture that God is concerned with our hearts. He doesn’t need us merely have behavioral changes or get everything right–He needs our heart to be changed and transformed. This is what we need to be after.

I often think about the difference between good and great. With behavior modification, some things in your life will change, and it could be good. But God is not interested in good or okay, He wants great. He wants wholeness. He wants freedom. But if all you’ve ever known is behavior modification and finding ways to cope, you will not get healing.To truly know that you can overcome and change the way you’re living, you realize that you don’t have to be labeled by all the things that you’ve had to walk through. It can turn into a place of just testimony. You can use this as powerful weapons in peoples’ lives to point them to Jesus.

When you get people to a place where they are willing to listen to you, this is where the work begins. Jesus is such a gentleman. In His kindness He is not just going to come and subdue us, but he is going to lead us to a place of readiness. There is that place where I am not only willing to get to know Jesus, but I am willing to get to the root.  Behavior modification is more comfortable if it ignores the root because then it is a little more controllable. Until we have the Holy Spirit and Jesus coming in to allow the Father to leads this process, healing isn’t possible. We have to be willing to link arms with Him and say, “Alright Lord, let’s do this thing. I’m tired of the way my life is playing out and I don’t want to just behavior modify myself to death.”

Jesus did not die for us to merely manage our behaviors for the rest of our lives. That is not freedom. He doesn’t care too much about us getting our behavior all fixed up with a pretty little bow on it. He wants wholeness and greatness for us. That is our destiny and inheritance if we choose to claim that.

–Mercy Multiplied Outreach Team