Amber – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

AmberBefore Mercy, I had a lot of pain in my life. My parents fought a lot when I was little and my dad was very violent towards my mother and older siblings, including using gun threats. Eventually my parents divorced. I also lost my vision in my right eye when my sister accidentally shot me with a bb gun. As a teenager, I had a poor self-image and developed bulimia. Before Mercy, I was throwing up several times a day. I learned about Mercy through a book called The Real Me written by Natalie Grant. I decided to look into the program and find out more about Mercy Multiplied. After reading Nancy Alcorn’s books, I believed Mercy could give me the tools to be free from the life-controlling issues I was facing.

During my time at Mercy, I’ve learned to look to God as a loving Father and I know that I am not alone because Christ lives in me. I’ve also learned that I have a purpose for my life which includes helping others. I appreciate the encouragement and help I received from theMercy staff and I felt safe in this home.

After graduation, I plan to finish up my general associate’s degree, and then possibly transfer to a university to work on a bachelor’s in psychology. I also plan to get involved in serving my church and community.