Rachel – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

RachelBefore I was born, my birth father died of a drug overdose. My mom remarried and I was raised in a Christian family and went to church. When I was 7, I was diagnosed with ADHD and by age 9 I was put on medication. At age 10, my nephew died from SIDS and at the funeral, I saw my dad’s grave for the first time. I felt abandoned by him and I began to withdraw from my stepfather as well. Around that time, I saw one of my aunts cutting, and by age 11, I too began cutting to deal with my pain. I also struggled with an eating disorder and suicidal thoughts. I applied to Mercy because I felt that without help, I would die.

While at Mercy, God completely healed me of my eating disorder and took away my desire to self-harm. He has shown me that my value is in Him. God has also shown me that He gave me a stepfather to be a dad to me! God has not just restored my life but also the life of my family!

After graduation, I will finish high school, get involved with my church, and take a leadership role in my youth group. Being at Mercy has truly changed my life. Thank you!