“I had so little hope”

In 2011, Leslie was addicted to drugs and alcohol and worked at a strip club. In her words, “I had so little hope. I was kind of just numbing myself to the world around me.” Then she came to Mercy. You won’t believe her life today! Click on the video below to watch her story!

Leslie represents thousands of young women who have entered a Mercy home completely broken, only to leave months later completely transformed. The so-called “experts” of the world may have dismissed these women’s potential, but we know that God has a plan and a purpose for EVERY life He has created!

When you give to Mercy Multiplied, you make a way for young women like Leslie to receive the healing in Christ that completely transforms their lives! These women re-enter their communities confident, excited, and living for God. They bring life and truth to this generation and the next!