Amanda – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

AmandaGrowing up, my family went through multiple divorces. We moved a lot and I had no real sense of family. I began to self-harm at the age of 13. I didn’t have anyone I felt I could talk to so I used the physical pain to deal with my emotional pain. Soon, I was cutting every day. At the age of 14, I was sexually abused by a much older man in my community. I became very angry, manipulative, rebellious, and promiscuous. I was drowning in my sin, and I no longer wanted to live the life I was living. It was then that my mom came across the Mercy website and told me about it.

Since coming to Mercy, I have learned the importance of family and my family is stronger now than ever before. I learned how to talk to someone when I am hurting and I no longer have any desire to self-harm. I have become very close to God and have a personal relationship with him. He has restored my purity and shown me the importance of setting clear boundaries. I have been set free!

After graduation, I plan to go home, finish my last year of high school, and then go to college to study Journalism. I also have a desire to do missions work in Haiti.