Stephanie – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

StephanieHey Nancy!

I just wanted to personally thank you for being obedient to God in not only opening up Mercy, but also in the way that you run the program. I am a recent graduate, and I know that without Mercy, I would not be alive today. It was used to drastically change my life. Before I entered those doors, I was at the point where I thought I would have to completely leave my relationship with God because of my hypocriticalness, and the hopelessness that I had about ever experiencing any freedom. During my time at Mercy, I received more blessings than can be comprehended. God has given me a whole new life and I am alive for the first time. He has refreshed my vision for the future and I am so excited about what He revealed to me about my destiny. I am so thankful to you and your ministry for all of the love and assistance I received in my healing process. Thank you and God bless!


2010 Graduate