Kati – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

KatiIn my wildest dreams, I would have never imagined that just over a year after graduating Mercy I would be marrying such a godly man who loves me despite my tainted past. I used to tell my counselor that no man would ever want to be with me after what has happened to me and the things that I have done, but God’s grace and power to transform is so much greater than my past!

Jacob and I have known each other for years, but the bondage I was in kept me from being able to have the God-centered relationship that I always desired. It is only through going to Mercy and experiencing the healing that I so desperately needed that I was able to enter into this pure, Godly, covenant relationship. Jacob has been a physical representation of the unconditional love of Christ that I first discovered during my time at Mercy.

Thank you, Nancy, for the opportunity you enabled me to have to find healing and restoration.