Carissa – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

CarissaWhen I was 15, I started dieting. I liked the comments and attention I received and the diet quickly spiraled into an eating disorder. I was diagnosed with anorexia and hospitalized. I spent four months in treatment and then went to college. I started to drink a lot and one night I was raped by two guys at my school. I had planned on being a virgin until I got married. The rape reinforced the lie that I was only as good as my body and I relapsed with the eating disorder. I believed that if I wasn’t skinny and beautiful, then I was trash. To escape my thoughts, I would numb myself with drugs, alcohol, cutting, and shoplifting. I was miserable. I couldn’t afford treatment again but I knew I needed help, so I decided to apply to Mercy.

While at Mercy, I’ve been overwhelmed with God’s greatness. I am completely healed of all my addictions. It wasn’t until I was in a safe place at Mercy that God revealed the root of my struggles and I was able to work through them. I’ve learned to trust God and know His unconditional love. It’s absolutely amazing the work God has done in my life!

After graduation, I will be looking for an internship and returning to school. I plan to major in counseling and minor in art and will hopefully do art therapy one day. I’m also planning to get involved in the college ministry at my church. I’m so excited about my future!