Shelby – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

ShelbyMy life before Mercy was chaotic and out of control. I was physically and sexually abused which led to unhealthy relationships, depression, and an eating disorder. I had incredibly low self esteem and let men use me for their pleasure. I drank a lot and went to bars multiple times per week. I tried to get a handle on these issues but I knew that I needed help beyond my own ability to change. I heard about Mercy through a friend and went to the website to find out how to get the help I needed.

While at Mercy, God has shown me how He sees me. He met me exactly where I was when I walked in the doors and He has redeemed me, forgiven me and washed me clean. I have learned who I am in Christ as worthy, lovely, and treasured.

After graduation, I plan to go home, live with my mom and dad, get my GED, get a job, and start college classes in the spring. Who knows where God will lead me from there! Mercy Ministries was truly the vessel that God used to save my life. I cannot wait to live life! It is going to be an adventure!