Lora – Mercy Multiplied Graduate

LoraBefore coming to Mercy, I was completely hopeless and suicidal. I was sexually abused by a family member as a child and the rest of my family ignored it. I developed severe OCD as well as an eating disorder and would cry myself to sleep every night. At 13 I began cutting and pursuing unhealthy relationships with guys. I hated God so much that I called myself an atheist and began wearing all black. At 15 I was sent to a doctor for meds and counseling and later that year was my first suicide attempt. After spending time in 4 different treatment centers and three hospitals, I was sentenced to a state facility. I didn’t want to go so I told the judge about Mercy. I had been working on the application for many months, but I lied and said that I’d already been accepted. Miraculously, the judge let me go, but under close watch and wanting proof that I did leave for Mercy. By the grace of God, after a short time, I got the call to go to the California home! I really wanted to go to Mercy because I knew that I needed healing and that could only come from God.

While at Mercy, God has shown up in every hurt. He has softened my heart and is restoring what was lost. I can’t imagine a day without Him now!

After graduation, I plan to go to college and get an art degree. I would love to teach art classes. In the future, I would like to also get a psychology degree and work somewhere like Mercy.