“Mercy Baby” Kelsi Craig Releases New EP/Video

October 22, 2015

Mercy loves celebrating the successes of the young women who take what they learn while in the Mercy program and extend it to the world. Kelsi Craig’s recent EP release is one of those multiplied successes, first made possible by the brave choice her mom Kelly made years ago when she came to Mercy pregnant.

After years of living trapped in a controlling relationship and severely abusing alcohol and drugs, Kelly turned to Mercy for help. She knew she was pregnant with Kelsi, but denied it at first. Through Mercy’s program, Kelly came to accept her pregnancy and was given the life-transforming tools to find lasting freedom from her issues. Kelly went on to give birth to Kelsi and establish a life in relationship with Christ. Kelly married a pastor who legally adopted Kelsi. Kelly now works alongside her husband in ministry.

As a beneficiary of Kelly’s faith and positive choices, Kelsi has gone on to become a worship leader and songwriter, spreading God’s mercy and hope through her music. Kelsi’s latest EP project titled You Fight For Me includes three songs that she hopes capture God’s faithfulness and love. “My hope for this EP is for people to experience the love of God,” Kelsi said on MultiTracks.com. “That wherever they are in their journey, they would be reminded that just like in Exodus 14:14 and Deuteronomy 3:22 that the Lord fights our battles for us and that we only have to be still.”

Kelsi sang the title track You Fight For Me during a recent Mercy graduation at the Nashville home, and it touched one Mercy resident, Alden, in particular. “That day was the only time that I had sung that song anywhere, and Alden just happened to be there,” said Kelsi. “The Lord works all things together for good!” Alden shared with Kelsi how she really connected with the song because she felt God had truly fought for her on her journey to healing and wholeness.

Shortly after Alden herself graduated from Mercy, the two young women came together to make a video to encourage others with the You Fight for Me message. The video specifically showcases Alden’s personal story and how God healed her from her addictions, self-harm and eating disorder while she was at Mercy. On a larger scale, the video project itself shows how God continues to multiply His mercy through the generations.

Watch this video to hear how God fought for Alden, a Mercy graduate who connected with “Mercy baby” Kelsi Craig’s new song You Fight For Me.

Click here to find You Fight For Me on iTunes.

“Mercy Baby” Kelsi Craig Releases New EP/Video

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