Mercy to Multiply Outreach Efforts with New “Freedom Experience”

September 1, 2015

Ever wondered what is taught to young women inside Mercy’s residential homes? After 32 years of helping thousands find freedom from life-controlling issues, Mercy will for the first time publically present the life-transforming principles used in its residential program at The Freedom Experience, a new outreach event to take place October 2-3 at Nashville’s Christ Church.

Mercy Founder and President Nancy Alcorn and several seasoned counselors and leaders within the Mercy organization will teach Freedom Experience goers how to overcome their past issues and walk in true freedom. “If we do not deal with our issues, our issues will deal with us,” said Alcorn. “For some people, freedom might mean walking away from a terrible experience such as a divorce, rape or other major trauma. For others, freedom might mean getting unstuck from life-sapping thoughts or behaviors.”

Since 1983, Alcorn has led Mercy to serve over three thousand young women between the ages of 13 and 28 struggling with issues such as sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, depression, and unplanned pregnancy. While 85% of all Mercy residents have reported being in previous treatment centers or programs without lasting results, 94% of former Mercy residents reported “yes” in a 2013 independent survey when asked Did Mercy help you transform your life and restore your hope?”

“At Mercy, we’ve found that God’s truth applies not only to the extreme situations we’ve seen inside our Mercy homes but also to the everyday struggles that we all face,” said Mercy Director of Outreach, Melanie Carter. “Our desire is for everyone to experience true and lasting freedom. That’s why we’re thrilled at this opportunity to share these biblically based, life-transforming tools with people outside the walls of our homes!”

Click to get a glimpse of what’s in store
at the upcoming Freedom Experience hosted by Mercy.

The two-day Freedom Experience is meant to be a practical resource for anyone seeking lasting transformation. Attendees will hear real-life hope stories and learn how to personally apply each of the seven keys used in the Mercy program, including: committing fully to Christ, choosing to forgive, renewing your mind, breaking generational patterns, healing life’s hurts, conquering oppression, and learning principles of lifelong success.

In addition to the Freedom Experience teaching sessions, award-winning Christian artists Point of Grace and Ellie Holcomb will lead praise and worship sessions throughout the event. Point of Grace, with guest musician Michael Passons, will open the Friday evening session. Ellie Holcomb will lead worship segments during Saturday’s morning and afternoon sessions.

For more information or to purchase tickets for The Freedom Experience, including VIP packages, visit or call 615-831-6987.

Mercy to Multiply Outreach Efforts with New “Freedom Experience”

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