St. Louis Mercy Residents Experience Muny Summer Theatre

St. Louis Mercy residents and staff posing at The Muny.
St. Louis Mercy residents and staff posing at The Muny.

July 28, 2015

This summer the St. Louis Mercy residents have had the privilege to attend several Broadway-style shows at The Muny thanks to the theatre organization’s Community Relations Program.

Located in St. Louis, The Muny is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich lives by producing exceptional musical theatre, accessible to all, continuing its remarkable tradition in Forest Park. The Muny has offered theatre productions since 1919 and is known to be the largest outdoor musical theatre in North America. Over the years, attending summer productions in the park has become a St. Louis tradition for hundreds of thousands of people.

The St. Louis Mercy residents are among those to enjoy the Muny tradition. Blessed with complimentary tickets, the young women attended several Monday evening shows throughout June and July, including: My Fair Lady, Holiday Inn, Buddy Holly, and Into the Woods. For many of the residents, this was a rare opportunity for exposure to professional theatre.

Awaiting the show!
Awaiting the show!

“Going to the St. Louis Muny was an amazing experience! I would have never had this unique and exciting opportunity if it wasn’t for Mercy!” said Alissa, current Mercy resident.

“Theater is one of my passions. However, I come from a small town where the only exposure to theatre we get is once a year,” said Krystal, another grateful Mercy resident. “Before coming to Mercy, I had only been to one or two professional plays before, but I’ve always wanted to see more. Being able to go to The Muny on Monday nights is seriously more than a blessing. I think it is so amazing that we get to go and see these amazing musicals come to life. I love going so much!”

Mercy appreciates partners like Muny who help create enriching opportunities for our residents. For more information on how you or your organization can partner with us and positively impact the lives of young women, visit the “Support Us” page of this website.

St. Louis Mercy Residents Experience Muny Summer Theatre

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